1. Dwight Zientara Answer

    I found that guy: I will design your best powerpoint presentation ever ( $800 )

    We get your situation: you have a deck filled with bullet-points and boring data that makes even the person in the front row pick up his phone and start playing angry birds rather than suffer another minute of your deadly slides.

    Or you have a great idea that needs a touch of good design to bring the story to life.

    Whatever your situation, we work with big and small brands worldwide (Gartner, Cisco, Louis Vuitton to name a few) to step up their presentation game. If you want a trustworthy partner that takes care of the whole process, saves you time, and puts great attention to detail - then we are the right team for you.

    We do not charge per slide since all slides are different in terms of content. Here's the basic work process:

    1. Contact us before ordering anything, tell us about your project and send your outline or existing deck. The more info the better.
    2. We'll review the deck and let you know what we can do + cost estimate
    3. Once offer is accepted and paid, we produce 2-3 sample slides and send to you for feedback
    4. When style is approved, we move on and produce a complete first draft for you to review
    5. Once reviewed and approved, you will receive a fully editable PPT file
    1. Dwight Zientara

      Drop us a line with what you need and when you need it by, and we will let you know right away as this totally depends on our workload.

    1. Dwight Zientara

      Sales pitches, conference presentations, investment pitches, webinar presentations, board presentations – the list goes on and on. We understand that each presentation setting is different and has its own goal, and therefore adapt the design to that specific purpose.

    1. Dwight Zientara

      Our team was recruited as Fiverr Pro which is their way of providing quality content from top designers. If you need something quick without much attention to detail, there are cheaper alternatives. However if you want top quality from professional designers, then this is the investment for you.

    1. Dwight Zientara

      Besides project and audience description, we would need your presentation content in either PowerPoint format or clearly outlined in a Word doc. Additionally, we need high resolution logos and corporate (brand) guidelines that is needed to produce the deck.

    1. Dwight Zientara

      We do not price per slide since this is not fair to you nor us. The final price depends on amount and type of content that you have on your slides, e.g. more text and bullet points normally means a higher price. Complex figures, charts and animations also affect the price.

    1. Dwight Zientara

      We can definitely help out with Keynote presentations as well. However, we do not offer Prezi services as of now and do not really recommend Prezi as a presentation tool due to many reasons. PowerPoint and Keynote can produce much better results.

    1. Dwight Zientara

      All gigs include royalty-free images and icons at no additional cost for you. However sometimes we need to purchase (very specific) images that require an additional cost, this will always be communicated upfront with you and approved separately before we move ahead.

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