1. Marcus Gillies Answer

    I found that guy: I will design your book cover ( $1000 )

    The briefing process is the most important part of the collaboration. A good brief will save you and your book designer both time and money, in order to desing the best book cover for you its essential to do some research.

    1.- Get to know the audience 
    Your cover design will be your most powerful marketing tool. It will influence your discoverability as well as your buyer-to-reader conversion, its important that you define an specific target, do not say everyone. 
    2.- Let us know your ideas and expectations.
    Its ok if you want to leave us with full creative freedom, but remember you are part of this process and you will feel more secure if you give us your ideas and expectations.
    3.- The main central theme of the book 
    Its  important to be involved with the content of your book before we start working on your cover book; however  its imperative that you also give us a good summary in which the essence of the book is described.
    4.- Define a format according to your needs 
    Digital or printed. Its a different process for each one.
    5.- Production budget
    6.- Development of analog sketches 
    7.- Digitization
    8.- File management

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