1. Cheryll Berisford Answer

    I found that guy: I will design your custom web application or digital experience ( $1500 )

    I made my first website over 17 years ago and have mastered the craft of intelligent, meaningful User Experiences (UX) paired with pixel-perfect User Interface (UI). 

    1. Discovery: We'll discuss the product requirements, your initial ideas and how those could translate to the app. We will also discuss all assets including logo, images, text, and brand colors. 
    2. Wireframe: I'll take what we've discussed and share a wireframe outlining functionality. 
    3. High Fidelity Mockup of 1 Screen: After you've approved the wireframe, I will begin assembling the assets and share a clickable / tappable design. 
    4. Finalization: After you're happy with our design and direction, I'll finalize all other screens.
    5. Revision: It's inevitable that we'll have some revisions, so I always account on some fine tuning. It's all a part of the organic design process! 
    6. Delivery: All assets will be delivered in .PSD, .PDF and .PNG formats, layered and ready for development. 

    Industries I Specialize In: 
    • Musicians / DJs
    • Artists / Painters 
    • Retail / Fashion 
    • Bloggers 
    • Intranet, Complex Data Set Viewers and Payment Systems

    Looking forward to making something wonderful together. 
    1. Cheryll Berisford

      Yes, each design will be created custom for you and your company. There aren’t any pre-bought and re-packaged designs here!

    1. Cheryll Berisford

      A wireframe is a base-bones black and white outline of pages. This gives us a sense for navigation items as well as how / where content will flow. After we nail down the wireframe design is a breeze.

    1. Cheryll Berisford

      Absolutely! I have 17 years of development experience so all of your design assets will be prepared / layered and structured for a speedy development process.

    1. Cheryll Berisford

      I am not a full-stack developer.

      However, I once was so I know how to deliver assets with clarity and for maximum efficiency.

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