1. Branda Shearin Answer

    I found that guy: I will design your dream website

    I believe the quality of your website should reflect the quality of your business. That's why passion, power, and imagination fuel every one of my designs. It's what sparks creativity and separates the successful websites from the ho-hum. Your business is my business so I will be as passionate as you are (if not more) about your goals and its desire to succeed. 

    ​When it all boils down, I take the stress away and let you carry on with what you do best. Simple.

    With each of the package I offer, you will receive the following:

    1. Custom website designed to feature your content and services. I will come up with my own concept for the site, otherwise if you have sites you like you can share them with me and I will take elements from each and combine them into your own site concept.
    2. Unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied.
    3. Built on the Wix platform, unless you opt for Wordpress.
    4. Mobile/Tablet Friendly.
    5. Social Media accounts connected.
    6. SEO Optimization so that you are found in online search.
    7. 90 Days of Support upon going live to ensure a successful launch where I will make any requested content changes to the website.
    1. Branda Shearin

      Upon request, I will set up your business email at no additional charge. The email will be hosted on Google and cost $5/month per inbox.

    1. Branda Shearin

      Once your website is launched, you will automatically receive 90 days of support where I will continue to maintain the site with further updates. I understand that you may not have all your content together right away, so this 90 days support gives you the time to gather everything.

    1. Branda Shearin

      Yes, once the site is ready to be launched, I will handle all the technical stuff of connecting your domain to your website.

    1. Branda Shearin

      If you wish to proceed with me, please select a package and check out. After we will arrange a introduction call to discuss the project details to get the ball rolling.

    1. Branda Shearin

      I’m very accessible when it comes to communication. Once we begin working together, we can arrange a 1 hour phone call to discuss the details of the project. I work from home full time, so you can call me any time.

    1. Branda Shearin

      When I design something, I consider every element, thinking about how I would react to it, how imagery is used and the way it is being communicated. Do I love it? Will other people love it? I like to inject something a little bit different each time that keeps my work interesting and captivating. 

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