1. Patti Bryk Answer

    I found that guy: I will design your mobile app or website user interface

    Welcome to Designli: where we design and develop truly transformative digital products.

    Whether it be a mobile app or a mobile-first website, we specialize in mobility and beautiful user interfaces. This Graphic Design & Prototyping Package is our first step towards building the perfect user experience for your new - or existing - digital platform.

    Why is this package so necessary?
    Our Graphic Design & Prototyping Package transforms your software concept into a beautiful, tangible prototype that can be used for user or stakeholder buy-in, or even raising investment.

    1 - Our first step:
    First, we'll establish a product screenflow (sitemap) that outlines the complexity of your product.

    2 - The User Experience:
    Next, high-fidelity wireframes are prepared, showing a mockup of each of those screens

    3 - The User Interface:
    Then, full color and styling brings those wireframes to life.

    4 - A tangible prototype:
    Finally, your fully designed software product is transformed into something tangible: an interactive prototype that can be loaded onto your phone or computer. 

    Available upgrades include additional screens and logo design.

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