1. Starla Lainez Answer

    I found that guy: I will do 2 hours of digital marketing consultancy ( $395 )

    Who am I? 
    Hi, there! I am Ivan Ivanov, a digital marketing expert with over 8 years of experience working in the digital industry and a current team leader of idbivanov. I have over 150 satisfied customers and I have worked on an array of different projects, including such for luxury and big name brands (through third-parties), strategies for upcoming startups, even celebrity social media consultancy. 
    Why do I offer this gig? 
    I don't only have "experience" under my belt doing the same thing over and over again. My experience is vast, different and unique, but all revolves around the world of digital marketing, making me the perfect choice, if you need specific questions answered or digital problems solved. 
    Why should you purchase this gig? 
    I am honest, direct, experienced and my big picture analysis is a key strength that almost every one of my clients has touched upon as such. 

    • PR Support
    • Adtech/Martech solutions
    • Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Business Consultancy
    • Industry Insights
    • Niche-Specific Solutions

    *** Make sure to contact me, before purchasing this gig, so that we can discuss the right option for you and schedule the call beforehand ***
    1. Starla Lainez

      Going head-first into a business decision can usually cost you quite a lot of resources and might end up harming your brand. Plus, spending hours of online research, might leave you more confused than you’ve initally been. Instead, you can talk with me first, an expert with a proven track record.

    1. Starla Lainez

      This consultation is done by me and me only. However, the extra offers for this gig (strategy/reporting/etc) are done with the help of my team.

    1. Starla Lainez

      I do reviews and audits of marketing and business related to creative consultancy. I am not a legal expert and I can’t offer proper legal consultancy. However, I can provide you with business consultancy, if required.

    1. Starla Lainez

      I have been working in the industry for over eight years and have a proven track record. Be sure to contact me, if you need more details and are still hesitant. I can also offer a 15 minute free service consultancy for us to have a quick chat about my services.

    1. Starla Lainez

      The consultancy is done in a remote manner via a third-party service. We can do a chat/call or video, but I usually suggest doing call or a video chat. After the purchase of the gig or after a custom offer is created, I will send you a link for us to schedule our talk.

    1. Starla Lainez

      Yes. Feel free to purchase as many hours of consultancy as you want. Nevertheless, each 2-hour session is best implemented on a specific-matter basis.

    1. Starla Lainez

      I believe my pricing is quite affordable, but I understand how difficult the management of a budget can be for small business. With that in mind, do contact me and we can potentially arrange a shorter consultation at a discountede rate.

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