1. Xiao Trombley Answer

    I found that guy: I will do 3d animation explainer for your product ( $750 )

    When you need to explain something to someone -   You need a movie
    Hi. my name is Gal.
     I have been creating for 20 years, beautiful animation films, for the world of medicine and in general.
    A combination of sharp and fast technological understanding and high-level of art,  gives the result of an accurate film and a satisfied customer.

    My advantages for you: 
    - experience -  over 200 videos for the bio-medical world
    - resume - Long list of First-class companies I've worked with.
    - 100% custom 3D and 2D animation for you.
    - Fast 
    Listening, understanding, high technical ability.
    - pay attention to details.
    Affordable price.
    - High quality - guaranteed! 

    Pls, Contact me before placing the order. to understand the details
     I could offer you a faster delivery time based on my schedule and other benefits. 
    Good Luck
    1. Xiao Trombley

      Understanding the technology and product.
      Modeling. Story board and sketches (if needed)
      Create animation at Sketch Level.
      After approval – Render to a high level – professional editing combined with narration and sound (if necessary)
      An MP4 file is sent to the client.

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