1. Bryant Henriksen Answer

    I found that guy: I will do a great game commercial ( $1700 )

    You’ve got your game app and now you have decided that it’s time to promote it. We can help you to achieve the best results by creating the best game preview video for Android and/or IOS market.

    A good video preview will help you increase your conversion rate and ROI.

    With over 4 years of experience in 2D video production, our dedicated team of copywriters, producers, storyboard artists, illustrators and animators will help you create an outstanding promo video for your game.

    Check our Fiver portfolio here: https://goo.gl/cKESMi

    We have a simple 4 step process where you can offer your feedback on each of the stages:
    1. The script
    2. Storyboard
    3. Design
    4. Animation and Sound. 
    In this way you can stay relaxed and in the meantime control the process at each step of our way and understand how your video will look like before it was released! It’s simple and easy!
    Contact me for more details!
    1. Bryant Henriksen

      Yes, we do. IOS usually have very specific requirements. According to the info on their official page we deliver video in following formats:

      2436 x 1125 pixels,
      2208 x 1242 pixels,
      1920 x 1080 pixels,
      1334 x 750 pixels,
      1136 x 640 pixels,
      2224 x 1668 pixels,
      2048 x 1536 pixels.

    1. Bryant Henriksen

      Yes, we did a few project with same issue. I will need a full description of your app, and your app logo. Contact me for detailed examples.

    1. Bryant Henriksen

      Our standard GIG include just one orientation. It could be landscape, square or portrait. In case you a few orientations for your video please contact us via messenger for a custom offer.

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