1. Cristobal Stermer Answer

    I found that guy: I will do a professional audit of your instagram account ( $195 )

    WHO AM I?

    I'm Kimberly, an international digital marketing consultant originally from the U.S with over 5 years of professional experience. I have helped clients maximize their return on Instagram in the B2B, travel, cosmetics, luxury, SaaS, start-up sectors, and more!


    I will take a professional look at your page and provide you with a list of best practices in your industry. This is a great option for anyone with a new account or who has been active for a while and wants to boost performance.

    My quick insights will be provided to you within 48 hours so that you can implement them right away!

    Basic - Instagram analysis 

    Standard - Analysis PLUS 30 hashtags that you can use on all of your posts

    Premium - In-depth strategy, ideal for brands with high potential. Includes a consultation call with me ($250 value).


    Instagram recently reached 1 BILLION users, and countless brands are using the platform to boost brand performance.

    My actionable insights will help you increase ROI on the platform!

    Contact me for a custom offer if you are also looking for account management or ads!
    1. Cristobal Stermer

      I am from the U.S. and a native English speaker. I have worked abroad in digital marketing for clients around the globe, giving me a very unique experience and allowing me to be able to learn from the best in multiple multicultural environments.

    1. Cristobal Stermer

      I have been verified by Fiverr for my professional expertise, guaranteeing you a high level of quality service!

    1. Cristobal Stermer

      1. You will send me your account name
      2. I will look at your account and analyze your potential and industry
      3. I will send you a list of best practices within 48 hours, it will take 3 days if I am also providing hashtags

    1. Cristobal Stermer

      I have worked with various private clients and businesses to grow their accounts, and have consulted for CEOs who wanted to perform better on the platform. Some of the brands I have managed are Comodynes, Unicobag, and Unicoaero.

    1. Cristobal Stermer

      Some things I may tell you — perhaps your posts should focus on a different topic, perhaps you are using the wrong hashtags, maybe you need to change your storytelling on captions. The options are endless and customized to my audit of your account and your specific niche market.

    1. Cristobal Stermer

      Instagram recently reached 1 BILLION users, and countless brands are using the platform to sell their products, increase brand reach, boost revenues, and find new customers.

      My actionable insights will help you be more successful on the platform, and in turn, meet your goals.

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