1. Tisha Gerstenberger Answer

    I found that guy: I will do amazing high end photo manipulations ( $1600 )

    I am an Art Director with more than 10 years experience in large Advertising Agencies, becoming a professional digital artist since 2009, working for leader Brands, Agencies and Photographers. I've won awards at various international advertising festivals such as Cannes Lions, British D&Ad, Andy Awards...

    I will generate almost any type of image, composing environments using many stock images, and integrating main images to those composite backgrounds and other elements. 

    It is proposed in these 3 packages that you will provide the high resolution "main image"  of the composition: For example, a product photo, a model photo, a Car photo, or what you need to show.

    If you might not provide the main image, the main image could be made by me, being able to use stock photos or photography in studio (product, object or model). This possibility appears as an extra GIG, with extra cost.

    The result will be large format images, with an great visual quality (always subject to the quality of the images provided by the client).

    To achieve this, a CLEAR BRIEF which clearly explains the work to be done, accompanied by visual references as a guide, is the most important thing.

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