1. Oleta Rantanen Answer

    I found that guy: I will do API integration, development in wordpress and woocommerce ( $295 )

    If you are looking to integrate a Third-Party API into your WordPress or WooCommerce website, look no further.

    It can be a 
    - Hotels API Integration
    - Car Transfers API Integration
    - Flights API Integration
    - Tours and Packages API Integration
    - An affiliate API to build a store for a niche category
    - Affiliate Data Feed Integration (CSV Feed)
    - Integration into a CRM, Inventory control system or an internal MIS
    - or a Price Comparison website built from an API or Data Feed

    ... If it has an API, we can integrate it into your system (period) :)

    We can integrate third party API into your website whether its custom coded or an open source e-commerce solution like WordPress WooCommerce, Drupal, OpenCart, Magento etc. We can integrate all types of APIs (Rest API Integration, Soap API Integration, JSON API Integration, XML API Integration, Booking/Shopping API Integration, Affiliate API Integration, Data feed Integration)

    Cost/time depends on endpoints and amount of business logic.

    So we can serve you better, please contact us before ordering

    * You can also contact us If you are looking to build an API of your own, so others can integrate or get access to your data. *

    1. Oleta Rantanen

      No design is included in this price.

      If you would like me to design certain elements e.g. forms, data tables/grids, graphs and charts, full dashboard, user login form or registration forms etc.

      Mention exclusively that you want me to design screen elements so I can give you a custom quote.

    1. Oleta Rantanen

      Basic: This is just one API call integrated with no business logic before or after API call
      Intermediate: Collecting data from a table to send OR storing data in DB directly after call
      Pro: Collecting data from a form or DB, sending to API, storing results back in a DB. Form designing not included

    1. Oleta Rantanen

      Each API has several endpoints. Through our experience we have figured out that often users do not know that they can integrate just a few endpoints to get the functionality that they need. That reduces cost and time and is more efficient than integrate the whole API.

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