1. Patrick Lynaugh Answer

    I found that guy: I will do content creation for facebook and instagram ( $850 )

    Hi, we are Seeed a Conversion oriented Agency in the beautiful Miami. We focus all our efforts on bringing more sales to your business and this is the reason why we decided to add this service to fiverr.

    We believe in brands, when you buy a product is because you trust the brand, you identify with the brand or the company ideals, this is what we do.

    We create original and unique content, content that engage, the type of content that people love but you hate to do, because it's complex and time consuming and you have better things to do.

    We are always creating content for our customers, this means that we ar always doing photo shoots, creating videos or writing stories we are able to add your products to our queue and give you high quality and exclusive pictures and videos saving you a lot of money.

    Your customers are tired of stock photo, stock video and the same animated video that everybody has, let's show them your products the right way with real people in real situations.

    We'll post original content, manage your social media and answer basic customer questions for one month on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 
    1. Patrick Lynaugh

      No, this is only for companies with physical products that can be send to us and are reasonably small and easy to carry

    1. Patrick Lynaugh

      There’s no way to be sure, your sales and engagement depends on many factors like quality, website design, marketing etc, we usually see our efforts reflected on sales and followers but we can’t guarantee you anything, this is about engagement and social validation.

    1. Patrick Lynaugh

      Yes, because we are an agency we have to do photo-shoots with models or on the studio on a weekly basis this means that while you need to hire a model just for you we hire her for the day and take as many pictures with as many different products and places as we can.

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