1. Christoper Busson Answer

    I found that guy: I will do high quality photorealistic 3d rendering ( $1000 )


    Our 3D Rendering
     Specialists team cumulates more than 10 years of combined experience in the field.

    We can integrate ANY TYPE OF PRODUCT and make an ultra vibrant and impressive image showing it's usage. Whether it's an ELECTRONIC, DECORATION PRODUCT interacting with a human or a VEHICLE cruising the sea or flying in the sky, it's doable as you can see on the featured images (made ourselves).

    We work on very efficient software such as;  Autodesk Maya, Blender VredVray, Arnold for accurate modeling and complex texturing.

     We will provide you with;

    - Ultra High res images: 4k and over
    - Image Editing
    - Visual Support Design (Brochure, Flyers)
    - Video Animation (optional)

    Our team is basically an INDUSTRIAL DESIGN & ENGINEERING AGENCY.
    We provide way more than just Product Renders, we help you bring an IDEA, to a  PRODUCT, to LIFE through different services. See FAQ below.

    You are very welcome to CONTACT US before placing this order, and ask me any question :)
    1. Christoper Busson

      Our prices are top-level because we are delivering top-level PHOTOREALISTIC renders. It means that we put effort to design textures ourselves and create complex lightings to make your product, it deserves nothing less.

    1. Christoper Busson

      Our team is basically an INDUSTRIAL DESIGN & ENGINEERING AGENCY.

      We help you bring IDEA TO A PRODUCT TO LIFE through different services:

      – Ideation and Sketches
      – Conceptual and Industrial Design
      – Mechanical Design and Engineering
      – Manufacturing Support
      – Communication
      – Fundraising

    1. Christoper Busson

      We are able to use specific physical computation software to recreate SEA, FOG, CLOUDS, LASERS, MAGNETIC FIELDS and any specific elements to put your product into very specific environmental conditions.

    1. Christoper Busson

      Our team counts:

      2: Industrial Designer
      2: Digital/3D Renders Specialists
      3: Mechanical Design Engineers
      1: Communication and Visual Support Designer

    1. Christoper Busson

      All type of products, whether common usage products like CAMERAS, SPEAKERS, BOTTLES, CONTAINERS, HOME TOOLS or bigger products like CARS, AIRCRAFT, BOATS, SNOWMOBILES

    1. Christoper Busson

      Our entire TEAM is only composed of professionals.

      Each of us has graduated from a Master of Science in his field.

      We combine more than 30 years of experience into the team, and we have been working for big clients such as AIRBUS, BOMBARDIER, RECARO, RENAULT NISSAN GROUP, ASSYSTEM etc..

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