1. Marylouise Rosenhagen Answer

    I found that guy: I will do linocut or woodcut illustrations ( $100 )

    In this gig I offer handmade linocut or woodcut illustration, which could be used as book illuminations, postcards, etc. It could be the compositions of several figures, or more/less detailed portraits of characters engraved on one plate (monochrom) or on up to 4 plates (2-4 colors).

    I have Diploma in Fine Arts (eq. MFA) as illustrator and graphic-designer and since 2013 have been working with different clients in these fields. You can see some examples of my work in the gig's gallery and in my portfolio. 

    The workflow:
    1. We discuss your wishes and preferences
    2. I do some rough sketches 
    3. You approve one of them or make suggestions of what you would like to change
    4. I draw the final sketch 
    5. Engraving of the original and delivery
    Pictures are scanned in 300 dpi, delivered as JPG, TIFF or PDF 
    I offer engraved illustrations and there is an option to get 5 or more physical prints.

    I am looking forward to collaborating with you and will do my best!

    Please contact me before placing this order.
    1. Marylouise Rosenhagen

      Please contact me first so we can discuss your needs and I can create a custom offer if necessary. You can also check out the different packages to get an approximate price.

    1. Marylouise Rosenhagen

      The first step is the storyboard. As soon as I read the text, I draw and send to you the rough sketches of illustrations. If they are approved, there are two ways to go ahead: you can order the pictures one by one or I make a custom offer for the whole set.

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