1. Lady Mannello Answer

    I found that guy: I will do monthly technical site optimization ( $400 )

    Our Process:
    1. Set Realistic Expectations - In our industry, people that will claim to give you 1st page rankings overnight. We do not do that. SEO is the long-term game.  This is why their length of engagement with clients is only 4-6 months.  Ours is over 2.5 years. Do we see great rankings, traffic, leads and sale increase - YES!  We begin by performing a rigorous audit of your market space.
    • Site SEO Audit - Analysis of important technical factors that determine your site’s search ranking
    • Index Optimization - Proper site “index-ability” helps search engines crawl & index your web pages
    • XML Sitemap - An XML sitemap helps search engines find and list each page of your website
    • Robots.txt - Robots.txt files give instructions to web robots whether or not to crawl a site page
    • Compress Images - Compress site images to boost your web pages load time
    • HTTPS Set-Up - HTTPS is a ranking signal because it makes sure your website uses secure, encrypted connections
    • Penalty Removal - Diagnose & fix issues causing ranking penalties in order to quickly regain search traffic
    1. Lady Mannello

      All of our packages work based on an hourly basis. If you have a budget that is not inside one of the packages we have listed please contact us!

    1. Lady Mannello

      We ask you that exact same question. Setting expectations up front is very important for us so lets talk about what you are trying to accomplish and we can see if we can help you do that.

      Usually we see 20-40% growth YoY

    1. Lady Mannello

      If you are looking for the #1 ranking tomorrow we are not the company for you. We provide SEO that is long lasting and will slowly overtime show results through a number of different metrics. We look at leads, traffics and rankings.

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