1. Yolonda Geitner Answer

    I found that guy: I will do outstanding 2d animation ( $6000 )

    Fresh, engaging, 100% original, hand-crafted animation.
    Custom made to your specific needs, at the highest professional standards.

    20+ years of extensive industry experience, specializing in 2D animation and frame-by-frame techniques. You'll enjoy first-class professional service, attentive creative dialogue, all focused on your specific project needs. Deploying original concepts, distinct visuals and hearty animation rendition to maximize audience engagement.

    • Concept development and scriptwritng
    • Visual development and design
    • Animation
    • Complementary motion graphics and visual effects
    • Sound design
    • 1080p HD master delivery

    Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions, creative consultation or special requests.
    1. Yolonda Geitner

      Animation involves many ingredients, created from scratch, presented for feedbacks and approvals at each stage of the process. So things take a while. Quick response from the client may speed up production significantly.

    1. Yolonda Geitner

      Your video will be 100% unique. Specifically made to order. No off-the-shelf solutions, or automated shortcuts.

    1. Yolonda Geitner

      Revisions are part of the creative process, and help achieve the best results. However, each production milestone is the basis for the next stage, and so going back may prolong the process exponentially… Revisions should be applied with reason, not to disrupt production completely.

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