1. Desmond Ramil Answer

    I found that guy: I will do professional cartoon animation ( $4500 )

    We will create a great-looking studio-grade explainer video in this unique visual style for your company.

    This style is awesome for character design and allows to create memorable videos. It is great choice when you need a bright and energetic video for your site or a presentation.

    Our team of professional animators has loads of experience creating cartoon videos, so the production process is smooth and polished. And our copywriters are ready to develop a perfect script for your video, so you can control the whole process from the idea to the final cut.  
    1. Desmond Ramil

      Sure, we can create a script from scratch. We just need your ideas and a little bit of time to make the magic happen. Scripts cost 400USD extra.

    1. Desmond Ramil

      Basically, almost every great product or service presentation can be fit into 90 seconds timeframe. Sometimes it’s possible to shrink to 60 seconds without losing much. 120 seconds are quite rare for us, but we tend to make them from time to time.

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