1. Adelle Steider Answer

    I found that guy: I will do SEO keyword research ( $150 )

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    Why should you care about keywords? Because they are the key to directing new and recurring visitors to your website.

    We perform a keyword research of specific terms that match the language of your audience and your website. We’ll connect potential visitors to your site by finding the keywords your website needs in order to match popular search queries.

    Once we complete the research, we put it in our SEO workbook. Then, we walk you through the strategy in a video screen share, providing recommendations and showing you how to use them in your site.

    Read our outstanding reviews and find out why hundreds of clients like our services. Come work with us today!

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    1. Adelle Steider

      Hi, I’m Damien, a Google and data-certified professional with an MBA in information technology. I conduct technology audits, provide consulting services, and implement data projects for businesses across varying industries. My services help increase your competitivity and overall performance.

    1. Adelle Steider

      Hi, I’m Mike, an agency veteran doing SEO & PPC campaigns for a range of domestic and international clients. I have a BA in marketing from Columbia College. I develop campaign strategies, develop timelines, and make sure the communication goes smoothly across all our projects.

    1. Adelle Steider

      We currently have a range of designers, translators, and experts all across the digital marketing fields. We will be introducing more of our team shortly as we expand into Fiverr Pro in the coming weeks and months.

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