1. Caleb Brunjes Answer

    I found that guy: I will do SEO migration for your website ( $120 )


    Planning to move your website or redesigning your website?

    When you move or do a new design to your website you need to make sure you do the change over correctly otherwise you will loose existing SEO rankings and organic traffic to the site.

    With my process and checklist, I will make the transition smooth as possible without affecting your existing rank and traffic.

    The process will take at least 7 days, this gig benefit for customers who still not implement the changes.

    My Process

    1. Data Gathering
     The objective of this stage to gather as much as information as possible so we can compare the data after migration.

    2. Review, Comparison & Redirection Matrix
    The objective of this stage to compare staging site and live site, provide recommendations and create URL redirection map.

    3. Launch
    Pre-checks and launch day checklist to smooth transition.

    4. Post Launch Evaluation

     Check how is the progress of migration and take any immediate actions if needed.

    301 URL redirection map will be sent to implement by your web developer.
    I will implement that for an additional fee.

    1. Caleb Brunjes

      Generally, your rankings and traffic figures will be affected for a couple of days till Google properly index your site again. But I can’t give any guarantees on this as there can be other factors I am not aware that is not related to SEO. ( Such as any technical or server issues )

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