1. Hassan Abraham Answer

    I found that guy: I will do technical and manufacturing engineering drawings ( $250 )


    We will provide you with 2D TECHNICAL DRAWINGS  in order to communicate with manufacturers, request quotations, communicate on the technical aspect of your product or even file PATENTS.

    You will receive high-quality technical drawings that respect the standards of your industry or the processes you intend to use to manufacture your PART or ASSEMBLY.

    We use professional grade CAD software to produce these drawings and have several years experience as drafters in various industries. Industrial Automation, Product Design, Aeronautics, Automotive.

    These drawings can include for example: exploded view, bill of materials, section views, functional cotation & tolerancing, cutaways,  multiview, etc.

    Your inputs:

    • 3D model of your part, product, assembly. If you need a 3D model, We can create it for you (optional)

    • Special aspects of your product (process, critical features, dimensions, tolerances)

    What you will get :

    • Drawing or set of drawings (.pdf, .dxf) You can contact me if you wish other file formats.

    You are very welcome to CONTACT US before placing this order, and ask any question :)
    1. Hassan Abraham

      Our team is basically an INDUSTRIAL DESIGN & ENGINEERING AGENCY. We help you bring IDEA TO A PRODUCT TO LIFE through different services: – Ideation and Sketches – Conceptual and Industrial Design – Mechanical Design and Engineering – Manufacturing Support – Communication – Fundraising

    1. Hassan Abraham

      Our entire TEAM is only composed of professionals. Each of us has graduated from a Master of Science in his field. We combine more than 30 years of experience into the team, and we have been working for big clients such as AIRBUS, BOMBARDIER, RECARO, RENAULT NISSAN GROUP, ASSYSTEM etc..

    1. Hassan Abraham

      Our team counts; 2: Industrial Designer, 2: Digital/3D Renders Specialists, 3: Mechanical Design Engineers, 1: Communication and Visual Support Designer

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