1. Jame Balmer Answer

    I found that guy: I will draft a custom social media audit and offer tips for success ( $120 )

    I will provide important insights on what you are doing well and areas where you could improve your efforts The report will evaluate and offer steps on how to optimize your business's social media profiles and strategy.

    Performing a 
    social media audit can help e-commerce businesses stay on top of their online presence, personal brands a way to make sure they're still relevant, and businesses of all sizes a way scope the competition and take advantage of trends they may have otherwise missed.

    Get a view of your competitor's content performance, when they post, their engagement metrics, and their overall digital strategy.

    Also included in the report will be areas that I see could provide you additional revenue opportunities or even opportunities for collaboration. I will also provide guidance on what type of social media advertising you could be taking advantage of and if you are currently advertising - I will provide feedback on your ads.

    I have performed these audits for both major and minor international brands and have been involved with social media marketing since 2009.
    1. Jame Balmer

      It really depends on how deeply you want me to dive into your social media channels. We can do this without me having access to your account as long as your accounts are “public” and not “private.”

    1. Jame Balmer

      The audit will be prepared within a .pdf document with screenshots of your current efforts and also a video explaining some of my findings.

      The audit cannot go back in time and retrieve posts you may have deleted.

    1. Jame Balmer

      I have been involved with social media on a professional level since 2009.
      I have managed social media for companies ranging from Fortune 500 Companies to small Mom and Pops.
      You can find my writing about social media on the Huffington Post, Hotels Magazine, Petroleum Marketer’s Magazine, and more

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