1. Denis Offord Answer

    I found that guy: I will edit and proofread your articles or posts ( $100 )

    I'm a professional writer and journalist who has been published in multiple prestigious publications. I can use my skills to help you improve your articles, blog posts, or proposals.

    I can help you with: 
    - Proofreading for grammatical and spelling errors and to improve SEO
    - Editing, to help with sentence structure, the flow of your writing, and more, and/or
    - Critiquing, to help you improve the content of your writing.

    My aim is to help you produce work that is thoughtful, original, interesting and error-free! I will provide feedback to help you improve your writing in future, if you'd like. 

    Please note that editing does not include (re)writing text from an outline.

    Inbox me to discuss your needs!
    1. Denis Offord

      I’m a journalist with over 4 years of experience, and my work has been published in many prestigious publications. You can find my work in Teen Vogue, Washington Post, Complex, Everyday Feminism, Racked, The Week, HealthyWay and more.

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