1. Garry Wassil Answer

    I found that guy: I will edit and proofread your book or ebook ( $200 )

    **Please contact me to discuss your book or e-book before placing an order.

    Need a professional writer and editor to copy-edit and proofread your book or e-book? Look no further! 

    I'm an experienced freelancer who's worked with a number of award-winning publications. Let me use my skills to get your book or e-book manuscript into perfect shape. Usually, you'd have to hire a copy editor separately to hiring a proofreader, but I'm able to do both for an affordable price.

    My copy-editing can help you:
    - eliminate basic errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar
    - tackle issues of tautology, jargon and wordiness
    - create a reader-friendly rhythm within paragraphs and sentences
    - maintain a consistent, engaging style throughout the manuscript
    - make your manuscript accessible and interesting to your intended audience

    I am able to do all of the above at a price that's lower than the industry standard, while still providing quality work. Contact me to see if I can help you!

    **This Gig does not include formatting or designing the ebook itself. 

    1. Garry Wassil

      I am experienced in editing and writing in both US English and UK English. Please let me know what you’d prefer!

    1. Garry Wassil

      Copy-editing is more meticulous than proofreading. It involves looking at basic spelling and grammar errors. It also includes tackling extra-long sentences, repetitive speech, and user-unfriendly language. Proofreading only concerns basic errors, and it’s done after the copy-editing stage.

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