1. Katelynn Brudner Answer

    I found that guy: I will edit any document in 24 hours ( $100 )

    I'm an investigative reporter with a knack for being extremely detail-oriented, keeping the big picture in mind, and working at a fast pace. Now I want to put those skills to work for you. 

    Do you want your text free of basic errors and typos? I'm your guy

    Or need your rough draft refined and polished? I'm your guy too

    Need your work returned ASAP. Once again, I'm your guy.

    In the intensive edit, I will tell you what needs to happen to improve the quality of your piece. In the advanced edit, I will work with you to make those improvements. 

    In addition to my reporting, I've also worked as an editor for two newspapers and one news site. I know how to work with every type of writer, beginner to advanced, to bring out the the best in their work. 

    I look forward to working with you!

     Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions before ordering. 
    1. Katelynn Brudner

      I have been certified as PRO seller because of my background as a news reporter, including three years as a newspaper reporter and five as an investigative reporter. I also studied journalism in college and have taken a number of professional development courses in writing.

    1. Katelynn Brudner

      Yes. Good editing brings out the best in the writer. None of my packages entails a rewriting so intense that the voice would be changed. This will still be your voice.

    1. Katelynn Brudner

      Basic proofreading ensures that you will have a document free of embarrassing errors. The intensive edit is for writers who need help improving their writing. In this package I offer an assessment of where improvements need to be made. In the advanced edit I do some of those improvements for you.

    1. Katelynn Brudner

      Just about any type of document. I’ve written in a wide variety of genres so I am comfortable with most. In addition, the rules of spelling, grammar, and such are, with few exceptions, universal, so the genre does not actually matter as much for editing purposes.

    1. Katelynn Brudner

      1. Tell me the word count of the document.
      2. Tell me how many pages it is.
      3. Tell me what your deadline is.
      4. Tell me what kind of a document it is. (Is it a technical manual, a legal document, a short story, etc?)

      Once you’ve done that I can get back to you with a price and time.

    1. Katelynn Brudner

      Fiverr’s terms of service allow proofreading only. Please check with me first on this before placing an order.

    1. Katelynn Brudner

      For all packages you will receive two things: 1. A clean edited version of your work. And 2. Either a Word document summarizing my edits or an actual marked up copy. For the Premium package there will be a multi-step process in which I give your assessment before making the changes.

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