1. Lou Latus Answer

    I found that guy: I will edit your website copy ( $100 )

    Welcome to my website audit gig!

    After popular demand through my regular website content PRO gig, I have opened a website audit/edit gig in which I edit existing content, optimize copy with keywords, provide suggestions, and review all content comprehensively with marketing tips/tricks.

    I understand that many times, you might not want to scrap all of your content.
    You just want it spruced up. That's where my services come into play!

    Website content is SO important today. It's the first content potential buyers are reading before they buy from you. It needs to be impeccable. 

    *With this gig, you can expect*:
    • Professional proofreading and editing
    • Keyword incorporation/density
    • Keyword research through Google AdWords 
    • Sentence rewrites 
    • Feedback
    • Structural suggestions
    • Overall site suggestions
    • Marketing advice

    This gig starts at 1k words, but I can send custom offers for word counts below 1k, as well as word counts above 3k words. 

    I request ALL copy be supplied in ONE word document for editing/reviewing. It minimizes confusion between the both of us. I also need a word count to price the gig accurately.

    Let's revolutionize your online presence. 

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