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    I found that guy: I will leverage linkedin to generate high quality leads

    LinkedIn is the world's largest business database but are you effectively using it to benefit your business and generate sales?

    How we can help:

    We will leverage your LinkedIn network to generate meaningful business conversations with no advertising spend or mass spamming. 

    Our results:

    On average, after 60 days of using our service, our clients see:

    • 350% increase in profile views
    • 25% connection rate with requests
    • 10% conversion rate to call or meeting

    We use this service to generate leads outside of Fiverr for our own firm and are confident it can work for your B2B lead generation as well.

    How it works:

    See FAQ below!

    Limited Time Offer

    First 10 customers get locked in at $395 per month for life. That is a 50% discount from our normal $695 per month price.

    Next Steps

    Interested? Contact us and we can set up a phone call to discuss your particular needs and provide a more in-depth view of our services.

    1. Brooks Corporan

      If an individual views your profile we send a personalized connection request. By doing this, the chances of the individual accepting your request increases significantly.

    1. Brooks Corporan

      After an individual accepts the connection request we follow up with a message to start a conversation on your behalf. This is typically not salesy and is to thank them and show interest in their business.

    1. Brooks Corporan

      We create a list of potential connections based on your desired criteria. These individuals are always kept to a second connection so that there is always a common connection between two parties.

    1. Brooks Corporan

      We work with any business or individual looking to generate B2B leads. We currently have a variety of clients in the following industries: Professional Services, Transportation/Logistics, Telecommunications, Construction, Recruiting, Software as a Service/Technology

    1. Brooks Corporan

      Using automation we view these connections and watch for those who view your profile in return. We use this as an initial indication of interest.

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