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    I found that guy: I will fix your local citations to boost local SEO ( $200 )

    --IMPORTANT: Message me before placing an order.--

    When it comes to giving your customer the best experience, it's important to make sure the face of your company has the most accurate information. Claiming your local citations and business directory listings not only helps significantly with your company's online presence.

    Our Local Citations SEO gig will help deliver a great customer experience and raise your local SEO rankings. With this gig, we will:

    • Store addresses, phone numbers, and GPS coordinates
    • Hours of operation due to holidays or emergencies
    • Contact and profile information for professionals like advisors, agents, and doctors
    • Menu items, descriptions, and prices
    • Granular product and service details
    • Event dates, descriptions, and times
    • Photos and videos
    • Seasonal specials and related content
    • Helps you rank locally for your keywords.
    • Created trust-worthy, white hat backlinks.
    • Keyword Optimization on all directories

    With our Local Citations SEO gig, customers will be able to find your local small business with ease. We work with all brick and mortar businesses that have a physical street address. Have a question? Send us a message - let's chat! 
    1. Eliseo Dedek

      We’re very proud to say Clicta Digital (that’s us!) completes all of our work in-house at our local office in Denver, Colorado. There’s no outsourcing work overseas and we’re very good at making sure we publish content that is grammatically correct. That’s high-quality work – always.

    1. Eliseo Dedek

      Ranking on Google is never guaranteed. It makes it especially difficult when you don’t have a brick and mortar location. That being said, it’s ultimately a case-by-case basis but we recommend having an office address. Send us a message so we can see the likelihood of getting your business ranking!

    1. Eliseo Dedek

      Fiverr Pro sellers are part of an exclusive group of verified individuals & companies, hand-selected and interviewed to become verified talent by Fiverr. It means you’ll receive trusted, secure communications and transactions. Plus you earn 24/7 customer support with next-level service!

    1. Eliseo Dedek

      Due to the dynamic nature of the search industry and how publishers constantly refresh their own databases, it is possible that your information changed inadvertently. Our Local Citations SEO gig keeps your information updated. After you’ve bought the gig, message us for ongoing pricing discounts.

    1. Eliseo Dedek

      Our gig is designed to get you ranking. It may not happen overnight and it ultimately depends on the current state of your site + how competitive your market is. But we’re pretty confident our in-house experts can get you there just like we’ve done for our previous clients.

    1. Eliseo Dedek

      Ronald Robbins is the founder of Clicta Digital, a Denver digital marketing agency based out of Colorado, and is well-known for his award-winning adventure travel blog, Active Planet Travels. He is an expert in web design, SEO, and internet marketing for businesses.

    1. Eliseo Dedek

      Yes, it’s as white hat as it gets. We work diligently within Google’s guidelines to make sure we get you the best results!

    1. Eliseo Dedek

      Once everything is complete, results can vary anywhere from 30 – 90 days. For the best results, we ALWAYS recommend working with us for a minimum of 3 months. SEO doesn’t happen with the flip of a switch. It takes time to get results. But once you’re ranking, the investment pays off two-fold.

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