1. Angle Tuorto Answer

    I found that guy: I will generate more ecommerce sales from your existing traffic ( $250 )

    1) What is this:
    We improve your ecommerce site’s performance every month, or you don’t pay a penny.*

    Our proven, systematic method of maximizing ecommerce performance provides a turn-key, effective, efficient way of moving more of your prospective customers toward a buying decision.

    2) How we do this:
    To do this, we run tests on each of these 7 “progression points”:
    • Home –> Collection
    • Collection –> Product
    • Product –> Cart
    • Cart –> Checkout
    • Checkout –> Complete
    • Home –> Offer
    • Offer –> ThankYou
    Each point has its own proprietary array of tests to maximize conversions at every stage.

    We run new tests monthly, starting with the lowest hanging fruit (determined by your Google Analytics data). The longer you use this gig, the more effective your ecommerce website will become.

    3) To see all that's included, the steps involved, the software we use, and whether this gig is right for you, and our terms, see the PDF (second image in this gig)

    4) Any questions, send us a message. We'll be happy to answer your questions.
    1. Angle Tuorto

      We recommend you use this model if you can answer “Yes” to the following:
      ? You run an ecommerce website.
      ? Your business has a great offer.
      ? If your mother was in your target audience, you would sell to her.
      ? You’re committed to your success.

    1. Angle Tuorto

      ? Google Analytics: We use this to track your site’s data, and performance trends.
      ? Google Optimize: We run bucket tests on your site against event goals.
      ? Google Tag Manager: We use this to manage your event tags and triggers.
      ? Hotjar: We use this for heatmapping and user recording.

    1. Angle Tuorto

      We create graphs & reports based on your site data. We reserve the right to determine what is/isn’t an ‘improvement’ on your site using that data. We will ethically report based on real data, will not manipulate the data, and will not be manipulated by clients about how to interpret that data.

    1. Angle Tuorto

      ? Our full test library across all 7 points
      ? Implementation of those tests on your site
      ? Bi-weekly reporting of performance increases
      ? Live graphs to follow along with your site’s growth
      ? Monthly calls to discuss your site’s progress
      ? Monthly performance improvement or your money back

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