1. Edelmira Joerg Answer

    I found that guy: I will get more signups for your webinar with a messenger chatbot ( $500 )

    Want to increase webinar registrations and show-up rates?

    Messenger Marketing is set to become the world’s single biggest marketing channel in the next 5-7 years. As a marketing channel it boasts better engagement than any other channel out there!

    If you have a coaching business, online product or course then you are in a perfect position to leverage Messenger to increase registrations, show-up rates and post webinar offer conversions.

    Work with us; an official Facebook Messenger Development Provider and Marketing Agency

    What we will do

    1. Build the Webinar Messenger Chatbot
    2. Write on-brand conversational copy
    3. Deliver exceptional advice & support

    What you get

    Webinar Messenger Chatbot that contains:

    1. Welcome Flow
    2. Opt in Subscriber Message
    3. Contact info collection + Send to CRM*
    4. Add to Calendar
    5. Automatic Reminders
    6. Webinar Delivery
    7. Promotional Message
    8. Replay Follow Up*

    • Click-To Messenger Ad Guide + 5 Templates

    How it works

    Same as email but 10x more engagement, leads will:

    1. Sign up more often
    2. See reminders everytime
    3. Show up
    4. Engage with you after webinar


    Want more registrations, cheaper conversions, happier customers? Start today

    *Standard and Premium Only

    1. Edelmira Joerg

      The platform for this gig is ManyChat. We like ManyChat because it’s a best of breed platform for designed for Messenger Marketing. Pricing starts at $10 per month.

    1. Edelmira Joerg

      Manychat uses Zapier for integration and currently integrates with Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, Convert Kit, Drip, Hubspot, Prosper Works CRM, Send Lane, Send Pulse, Aweber and Goto Webinar.

      If your CRM isn’t listed here please contact us to see what we can do to add it.

    1. Edelmira Joerg

      Fees are paid directly to Manychat and Ad expenses paid directly to Facebook. We are paid by Fiverr after you purchase.

    1. Edelmira Joerg

      Foster Labs lives and breaths Facebook Messenger. So much in fact, we are trusted by Facebook as an official Messenger Development Provider. We’ve been around since the launch of Messenger Chatbots and have notched up years of experience in lead generation that we offer to you as a Fiverr Pro.

    1. Edelmira Joerg

      You can use click-to-Messenger ads to get more users for your bot. These ads are shown to users on Facebook News Feed and Instagram feed.

      When a user clicks or taps on the ad in Facebook News Feed or Instagram Feed, a conversation with your bot will immediately open in the Messenger app.

    1. Edelmira Joerg

      Buy the gig and answer the requirement questions. Don’t worry if you can’t answer all the question. We’ll be in touch to help you as required. From there we’ll get started building our bot.

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