1. Mac Kapahu Answer

    I found that guy: I will guarantee increased website conversion rate ( $995 )

    An online marketing system that's guaranteed to increase your online lead count... Or you don't owe us a penny.
    BuiltToLast guarantees an increased online lead or sale count, using our purpose-driven marketing and CRO techniques, or you don't owe us a penny.

    If we don't increase your lead-generating performance by an agreed upon amount, we won’t collect a penny (creative or production). If we do increase your lead-generating performance, you simply pay us an agreed upon creative fee.

    Should the test be successful–and if we both wish to–we will continue to build upon our momentum together.

    In effect, you get a risk-free trial of our lead-gen pulling power… Our will work will cost you absolutely nothing–no creative and no production costs–unless we beat your current system by at least the agreed upon amount.

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