1. Lucie Beland Answer

    I found that guy: I will hand draw vector seamless pattern design for print ( $150 )

    Please read the gig's description and packages carefully. If you have any questions please contact me before placing an order.

    Hi, my name is Jen. I'm a professional surface pattern designer. I will help you to make an outstanding product which is unique and appealing. I will help you align your visual message with your audience and as a result to get more sales. 

    Some products that look great with patterns:
    kids apparel, pet collars, stationery, shoes, home decor, toys, bowties.. and more!

    All the packages are for commercial use. Means you can print my design on a product and sell it.

    Basic gig package:

    High-quality seamless pattern hand-drawn by me. With 1-3  simple objects. It will be my style in color and a very good looking.

    PNG printable files.

    Medium package:

    You get a pattern with 4-6 detailed original objects in full color. PNG printable files.

    Premium package:

    5-7 very detailed objects in color + AI vector files + exclusive license

    For any kind of specific patterns ask me for a special offer. 

    Looking forward to creating beautiful things for you.

    Contact me now for a free consultation.



    1. Lucie Beland

      If you’re just starting your business you want to invest smartly. My designs convert well for my clients and they bring sales. I pay my personal attention to every client, and I try to make the product perfect for them. Means I wouldn’t sacrifice quality of my work in eager to fit a smaller budget

    1. Lucie Beland

      A seamless pattern is an image that can be placed side-by-side with itself without creating a noticeable boundary between two copies of the image so it looks seamless. It creates a lot of possibilities for surface design.

    1. Lucie Beland

      I will be happy to help you with the whole set of designs for your business. All the patterns, in this case, would work in combination as well as separately. I will make sure they’re all compatible and awesome to create a nice first impression to the buyer and make them want to get the whole set.

    1. Lucie Beland

      Yes. There’s an extra service for preparing the files for your specific typography. I recommend first ask your local producer about their guidelines and then for sure I can help you with that. In this case you should purchase an EXTRA option FOR PRINT.

    1. Lucie Beland

      Any surface could be printed with a pattern and get its own unique look. You can use it on stationery, textile, clothes, T-shirts, iPhone cases, home decor objects, pet collars or anything else. They could make you stand out and get your own voice in the market and connect with your target audience

    1. Lucie Beland

      I prefer to work in my own style and dedicate my time to perfecting it. But if your request aligns with what I do I will be glad to help. Just send me a reference picture and we’ll discuss the details.

    1. Lucie Beland

      Yes, all the packages include commercial use license. But I keep the author rights to my designs and the right to use the pattern for my other projects, demonstrate it on my portfolio and use it for self-promotion. If you need full exclusive rights to your pattern then the premium gig is for you.

    1. Lucie Beland

      Shortly – yes! I can make the layout for your pattern and to mock up how it’s gonna look on a real product. Please contact me so we could discuss the details.

    1. Lucie Beland

      No. But it’s for sure a very nice thing to do. Feel free to link to my site or social media when you promote your product and mention me as an author of the pattern.

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