1. Celina Stoneham Answer

    I found that guy: I will help you fix a wordpress issue ( $100 )

    Wordpress can be a bit of a moving target. Things that did work, just stopped working after an update or just for no reason. I can help. I've been working in Wordpress since version 1.0 on literally thousands of sites of all sizes and scales. I've decided to extend services from my company to individuals on Fiverr.

    My joy is helping you solve your problems.

    I can Mr. Fixit:
    • most common Wordpress Errors and Issues
    • Layout and Styling Issues
    • Difficulty logging into admin or dashboard problems
    • New errors that arise from plugin updates, installs or conflicts

    I'm happy to get in and help you fix the items that are keeping you out of your site. To be clear, this is to fix smaller issues. If you are having some bigger problems on a more extensive site that is customized, I can still help but this isn't the right job. Not sure if this is a small problem, send me a message and we can discuss what it will take to get it fixed.

    Thanks for considering me for your job and I would love to get you back up and running now and become a go to partner for you in the future.
    1. Celina Stoneham

      Pretty common. Your stuff is probably still there. There’s just something preventing everything from loading properly. Send me note and let me look. I’ll let you know if this job covers it or if we need to do a custom quote to fix it.

    1. Celina Stoneham

      Definitely. This is a pretty common issue. Send me your web address and I’ll have a look. On some occasions I may need more info such FTP access to check it all out.

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