1. Odilia Averette Answer

    I found that guy: I will help you get more responses on your cold email campaign ( $160 )

    You need to reach a group of new contacts with your offer, but you've never done this before. 

    Cold email is my jam, and I love helping companies with it because 95% of people I talk to do it wrong.

    When you approach cold email correctly (and don't just copy-paste email marketing tactics), you can get 60-80% open rates and 5-30% reply rates. These are the results I get regularly for my clients - see screenshots of some of my stats in the image gallery for this gig.

    Let's start with a consultation where I show you how cold email is different from email marketing and what you should do to get the results you want from it. From there, you can have me outline the campaign for you, copy write the emails, and set up the delivery. 

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