1. Ellis Mcmanemy Answer

    I found that guy: I will help you optimize infusionsoft in your law practice


    I'm an Estate Planning Attorney, and an Infusionsoft Certified Partner.  I've invested hundreds of hours in developing an automated and outsourced law practice, and I want to
     help you do the same!


    The world of small business and law firm automation has changed.

    There are a small number of leading law firms who are taking automation and systems through the stratosphere and moving to the next level.  They are systematizing their business, sealing cracks in their processes, embracing new technologies, such as Infusionsoft, video and SMS marketing... and pioneering.  When placing automated processes at the heart of one's practice, you will create an improved level of service for clients and a positive experience for partners, attorneys, and staff!

    Automating your practice can help:

    - Increase income
    - Boost profits
    - Promote efficiency
    - Grow your business!  

    Are you ready? Now is it time to bring your firm on the road to automation, improved client experiences, and a better life for you and your team! 

    Contact me today for more details!

    1. Ellis Mcmanemy

      We have systems and templates designed to assist your automation efforts. What is needed depends on your practice, your staff, and your threshold for change. Automation isn’t the goal … automation systematizes the processes that lead to your goals.

    1. Ellis Mcmanemy

      Not for this call. Here, we talk about your practice and processes. And discover your goals for the practice and yourself. As we work to empower your firm, you might not need anything automated, yet. But, when you do, there are systems or all sorts available, including Infusionsoft.

    1. Ellis Mcmanemy

      I review your practice with you. More than looking at your technology, in a phone call or two (about two hours total) we discuss your goals and discover your current practice character. Then, we discuss what you can do to improve, usually through process improvements.

    1. Ellis Mcmanemy

      Not in this call! But, once we have identified your business processes and found your firm’s process strengths and weaknesses (the Discover phase), we can start to build or improve processes to support your practice (the Empower phase). Then, automation is a final step (the Thrive phase).

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