1. Art Glorius Answer

    I found that guy: I will help you outrank your competitors ( $125 )

    We’re a US-based agency of 21 with a dedicated team of specialists that do nothing but SEO all day. We're the only PRO on Fiverr certified for all digital marketing, web, and SEO.

    If you want a competitive analysis that will truly unlock what it takes to rank your site, this is it.

    We'll take the keyword you want to rank for and run a competitive statistical analysis of the top 100 results for it - covering over 530 known ranking factors

    This is not someone's opinion of why something is ranking - this is pure mathematical analysis. Two correlation analysis are run:

    • Spearman - tests whether the order of a set is related to another variable
    • Pearson - tests whether one variable is directly related to another variable

    This produces a set of ranking factors that are statistically significant for your keyword based on what sites are in the top spots - as well as the changes you need to make to match them.

    Don't guess what it takes - KNOW what it takes.

    We'll provide the full report - (here's an example: https://bit.ly/GO-CRR).

    We'll also write a summary of what you need to do to win!

    Questions? We're available 9AM to 5PM Central US time to discuss.
    1. Art Glorius

      We have gone through a vetting process conducted by a Fiverr team of experts. They have verified that we are experienced professionals, with a great track record and high-level deliveries. We have a team dedicated to providing professional search engine optimization services!

    1. Art Glorius

      Yes – if you implement the changes this report recommends, you will get there. That doesn’t mean it will be easy – it typically will not be. But instead of guessing what will work – you’ll have a roadmap based on mathematical analysis.

    1. Art Glorius

      The search engines use algorithms to pick what results to show. They won’t tell us how they weigh the factors, but they don’t have to. The results speak for themselves – and applying statistical techniques to them will reveal what the search engines won’t.

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