1. Toney Stankovich Answer

    I found that guy: I will kick start your google adwords PPC campaigns ( $245 )

    The goal of this gig is to kick start your Adwords campaigns and set up your account following Google best practices.

    We use the Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) approach* where we have full control of your bidding and spending, implement highly relevant key-words, and use hyper-focused ads applied to one keyword. This is the fastest way to elevate your click-through-rates, overall quality scores, and most importantly, the money you make.

    * we don’t just drop dozens of irrelevant keywords into your account hoping for the best.

    What you get with this gig:

    . Search campaign creation.

    . Single Ad Groups (SKAGs) and ads creation.

    . Positive and negative keywords research and set up.

    . Demographic set up (age, gender, language, location, device and platform).

    . Technical set up (budget, bid, ad scheduling).

    . Video screen share with account overview.

    . Adwords campaign performance dashboard.

    Check this link to see proof of our results: http://bit.ly/2EyB1S0

    Featured on: CNBC, Fiverr Blog, and Business Insider

    1. Toney Stankovich

      We do not provide this service. You will need to create an AdWords account and add billing information. If billing information is not added the campaign will not run.

    1. Toney Stankovich

      We can’t guarantee sales. Sales depend on the quality of your landing page, your products or services, your prices, and more. We can guarantee you that we will send targeted traffic to your site. Your site is responsible for converting these leads into sales.

    1. Toney Stankovich

      We currently have a range of designers, translators, and experts all across the digital marketing fields. We will be introducing more of our team shortly as we expand into Fiverr Pro in the coming weeks and months.

    1. Toney Stankovich

      Hi, I’m Mike, an agency veteran doing SEO & PPC campaigns for a range of domestic and international clients. I have a BA in marketing from Columbia College. I develop campaign strategies, develop timelines, and make sure the communication goes smoothly across all our projects.

    1. Toney Stankovich

      We do not provide AdWords setup for affiliates, products that may be illegal in some countries and States, and campaigns that are intended to deceive people. We reserve the right to refuse unethical campaigns to preserve our professional integrity.

    1. Toney Stankovich

      Hi, I’m Damien, a Google and data-certified professional with an MBA in information technology. I conduct technology audits, provide consulting services, and implement data projects for businesses across varying industries. My services help increase your competitivity and overall performance.

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