1. Meghan Goodfield Answer

    I found that guy: I will make a compelling instagram video ad ( $1500 )

    We produce high level and high concept Instagram ads, that drive awareness and increase customer base through a high quality visual narrative. We are storytellers and we strive for each ad to elevate and transform it's brand.

    We've created digital marketing videos for brands like Polaroid, Google, StoryCorps, Splacer and Kodak! We guarantee quality and a top notch aesthetic. We film at the highest resolution, so you will never encounter low quality or pixelation. We can provide your final video in formats compatible with facebook, instagram, youtube, vimeo and almost anything else that you may request. We can also host the video for you and you can simply embed the link onto your website. You can use our ads on multiple platforms.

    If you can't find the package that suits your needs, we can help you with a custom offer. Think of elements like:-

    Actors / Animals
    Choice of music
    Animated intro
    Motion graphics
    Video length
    Clickable link to your landing page, embedded into the video

    Please reach out with questions!
    1. Meghan Goodfield

      We will choose a track to match your product’s branding, but you’re welcome to share styles that you like and we will try our best to find something similar.

    1. Meghan Goodfield

      15, 30, 60 seconds are the options we have provided. But if you need it to be longer or shorter, just contact us and we’ll send you a quote ASAP.

    1. Meghan Goodfield

      To start, we need your product mailed to us and a list of the key features to walk through. In addition, we ask that you send us your concept references or notes, brand guidelines, goals for this video, where you plan to host it, brand logo, colors, font preference and tagline.

    1. Meghan Goodfield

      Absolutely. We’ll do our best to accomodate any such requests. If we cannot do so, we’ll inform you and you can mail us any props that you’d like us to include.

    1. Meghan Goodfield

      A revision is basically a chance for you to share your detailed inputs on a cut of the video. You can mark off timecodes of what you like and what you don’t and we will make the necessary edits/adjustments for the next cut.
      A revision does not include any extra days of filming.

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