1. Royal Dukart Answer

    I found that guy: I will make a documentary video in mexico city or elsewhere ( $900 )

    I´m a Cinematographer, but I also own a production company with a group of talented creative directors, sound designers, and producers. We work together so you can have exactly the video you need, or either help you to find that out.
    We have access to every camera and equipment on the market and also know all kind of film resources. 
    Our team has worked in numerous commercials for companies like Air BnB, Sephora, Jhonny Walker, Coca Cola, and others. We have also made some music videos, feature films and documentaries. We are based in Mexico city, but we can also produce outside Mexico. 
    We have a flexible creative style, but we rather work in projects that search originality and have a positive way of thinking. 

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