1. Randal Mininger Answer

    I found that guy: I will make a professional animated explainer video ( $1500 )

    Hello, I'm Vicasso from What a Story

    We have created 100+ Custom Explainer, Promo, Product demo videos for many startups and corporates businesses. A few names include Uber, Kellogg's, Canon, Standard Charted, Dr. Reddy's. We don't just make videos, we create stories that our clients can be proud of and which would make the audience say "what a story!"

    A full-fledged team of talent giving you surety about the quality work and delivery on time. We don't use templates. Our works are 100% original.

    Our process: 

    • Collect the brief. Understand your business and the goal of this video.
    • Script development
    • Sketching / Storyboarding
    • Illustrations / Graphics Design
    • Voice-over recording & sound design
    • Animation
    • Deliver the video in various formats

    You will get updates in the making of this video and we collect the feedback on each step.

    Final Delivery will have:
    1. The high-resolution
    2. Mobile optimized
    3. Web optimized
    4. Source files (Raw files for future editing)
    5. Additionally, we offer a Video Marketing Guide written by professional marketers.

    So, check out our portfolio and feel free to drop a line with your requirement. We would love to chat with you. :)
    1. Randal Mininger

      We use Adobe After Effects & Maxon Cinema 4D for Animation.
      Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for Illustration/designing.
      Adobe Premier pro/Audacity for Audio=Video Editing.

    1. Randal Mininger

      We request you to compare the quality of work & communication of other authors. You will realize the difference.
      Our price are not only for the professional outcome that you will receive but also on time delivery with micro details. This is why Fiverr awarded us this PRO badge.

    1. Randal Mininger

      Crafting a video that tells your best story takes a lot of work. We need to research your business and understand your goals. Once that’s done we get our creative team involved to script, storyboard, design and animate. All this takes time!!

    1. Randal Mininger

      We create the original artworks and animate them. Your video will be 100% customized from the bottom up.
      Templates are a great tool–but will never come close to custom creativity.

    1. Randal Mininger

      You need to provide a project description, Rough script or storyboard (optional), logo, brand guidelines (optional), images, videos and any other asset that you think I will need to start working on your project.
      Better to contact first and discuss the requirement.

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