1. Carl Bene Answer

    I found that guy: I will make an animated commercial with your live footages ( $1500 )

    We are a team of creative professionals: animators, illustrators, animation directors with 20+ years of experience. We are going to create a professional studio quality commercial animation for you with rich graphics, characters and typo animations. It’s up to you.

    All packages include a high quality, 10-20 sec animated video. The budget may differ depending on the style of the graphics, duration of the video, complexity of the script. An average commercial animation production time takes around 2 weeks to 4 weeks.

    The production schedule includes revisions at all these work phases. We only move to the next phase when the current  phase is approved by you. This line of action guarantees high quality product that precisely matches your visions and goals.

    *The live footage must be provided by you.

    ** If you are not sure, have special needs contact me before placing the order, I could send you an offer custom tailored to your needs.

    1. Carl Bene

      Sure we can. If we get the translation of the text in English, there should be no problem. If you have problem translating it we will find someone for an extra fee.

    1. Carl Bene

      0. Discussion about your logo animation |
      1. Visual script development |
      2. Visual development |
      3. Storyboarding |
      4. Animatics |
      5. Creating all the graphics elements |
      6. Animation |
      7. Post production & sound design (if needed) |
      8. Final delivery

    1. Carl Bene

      It depends on the length, the complexity of the story, the number of graphic elements we’ll create for you, the animation style of your choice and the sound design fee if needed. We do something like reverse engineering: if you have a budget we’ll try to find the best possible solution for you.

    1. Carl Bene

      1. Describe your project |
      2. Share any reference video (if there is any) |
      3. Send your vector logo file and your URL/slogan/tagline or any other text you need |
      4. Send your music and/or sound effects (if you have)

    1. Carl Bene

      We are a group of visual people, but we have sound designers we work with on a weekly basis, so we can help you with the sound design if needed. Let’s talk it over and come up with the best solution for you.

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