1. Rufus Muckleroy Answer

    I found that guy: I will make an explainer video for blockchain ico

    Our studio has created videos for ICO's of many successful companies, such as WINGS or Coindash. We will be happy to make such video for your project as well.

    Not everyone can read the whitepaper all at once, as this can be rather difficult + most probably will require technical knowledge. And video will allow all the viewers to understand the basis of your project in 60 seconds or less. This will stimulate the ICO and Pre-ICO sales.

    Feel free to contact me if you will have any more questions on this topic, and I will be happy to answer and create a custom offer just for your specific project)
    1. Rufus Muckleroy

      Yes, sure. We can make an adaptation to any language that you can require. Chinese, Russian, German, just tell us about it)

    1. Rufus Muckleroy

      Basically – it is the script. Blockchain projects are usually more complicated and require technical knowledge to understand it. That’s why it is crucial to say complicated things, plus we attract blockchain industry specialist to create the script and visuals for the video.

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