1. Tequila Mostyn Answer

    I found that guy: I will make awesome custom animation for you ( $3300 )

    Hello! We are Pavilion Creative studio and we make animations for a living!

    We are working with big and small companies. We strive to deliver the best way to promote your business, we research and know the exact trends and leads that do work best and will increase your sales or increase the audience for the product or story you want to tell the world!

    Here are the stages of our workprocess:

    1) Scriptwriting
    2) Sketches 
    3) Storyboard 
    4) Sound design (music and voiceover)
    5) Draft animation
    6) Final delivery of the product

    The whole process is visible for our clients on every stage for approvals.

    Ask any questions and we will be happy to assist and create another awesome video for you!

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