1. Carmen Bamberger Answer

    I found that guy: I will make awesome logo animation ( $100 )

    Hello there !
    if you're looking for the best logo animation service with extremely affordable price you have come to the right place .

    why would you choose us :
    1- we provide you with a storyboard so you get a clear idea of what you're animation will look like , and get the chance to put your inputs and comments in an early stage of the process 
    2- we provide a top quality logo animation with really affordable prices 
    3- we can optimize your logo animation to fit different purposes like (email signatures , fb posts , twitch live streaming , ...etc)

    so what are you waiting for ?
    let's get that awesome logo of yours animated .
    contact me first before ordering 
  2. Ernesto Hogrefe

    can you provide different kind of animation other than logo animation like (youtube intros , web loaders , homepage animation ,….etc) ?

    1. Carmen Bamberger

      yes , just make sure to contact me first so i send you a custom offer otherwise that might be the reason of order cancellation of you ordered custom animation without contacting me first .

    1. Carmen Bamberger

      yes but in that case you need to let me know up front to send a custom offer with a discount so you can save some money instead of placing multiple orders .

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