1. Yvone Zillman Answer

    I found that guy: I will make simple and professional logo animation ( $145 )

    Looking for a Clean and Professional Logo animation?  I'll create one for you. :)

    You can use it on YouTube, during presentations, within apps, on DVD's or on your website.

    This all-inclusive service includes sound design and jingle and the appropriate license for both.

    I offer Full HD (1920x1080) delivery as standard & source files at no extra cost, too.

    After working with 200+ Startups, SME as well Big Corporate Companies, I learned a lot.

    ‚ÄčThe use of graphics and animation is not only for present things beautifully. It is more about expressing the idea, get attention and make people feel good about the brand.
    We should make the project for end viewers, not only for approval team. 
    Here on Fiverr, I want to put the same knowledge and effort for your project. 

    I'm Vicasso, with a professional animation team to serve you the best.
    Feel free to drop me a line with your requirement. Would love to chat with you. :)


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