1. Wes Guyott Answer

    I found that guy: I will make you look like a tableau jedi ( $475 )

    I founded DecisionViz in 2012 and have worked with Tableau since 2009, first as a customer, now as a Tableau Alliance Qualified Partner. 


    I work in the same Tableau version as your file (at least 9.0.0).

    Visual and Experiential include a 15-minute call to kickoff the project.
    Analytic offer is a 45-minute call.


    Best Practices
    • Refine for visual best practices
    • Improve use of color
    • Font choice and consistency
    • Consistent look for existing tooltips

    • Dashboard same size you submit
    • Charts and all elements remain in same position; size may be adjusted

    EXPERIENTIAL (everything in Visual plus)

    Best Practices
    • Change chart types for clarity
    • Add tooltips as needed
    • Clear language to guide users

    • Existing actions, filters, and parameters may be changed


    • Size=1000x800 (good for desktop & tablet), or to your request
    • Charts and elements may be moved; size may be adjusted
    • If dashboard overloaded, may suggest a 2nd dashboard for add-on fee

    ANALYTICAL (everything in Experiential plus)

    • 1 NEWLY DESIGNED dashboard with max 4 charts (worksheets)
    • Size=1000x800 (good for desktop & tablet), or to your request
    1. Wes Guyott

      I completely understand. Yes, for me to sign your NDA is a gig extra since it must go through attorney review. If you want to sign my standard mutual NDA (without changes), there is no additional cost.

    1. Wes Guyott

      I will provide all work in the version of Tableau for the dashboard you submit. Migrating to other versions requires additional testing which is best done by you.

    1. Wes Guyott

      Yes, we have a Visualization and Storytelling workshop, as well as Tableau training. We can work these out within a custom offer.

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