1. Marcos Langfield Answer

    I found that guy: I will make your brand stand out with marketing strategy ( $785 )

    I’m your new favorite digital marketer.


    I believe that the best marketing and branding comes from a strong, researched plan and I’m here to create that Marketing Strategy with you. My personal motto? Social Media with a Purpose.


    About me:

    I’m called the “Oprah of LinkedIn” by Huffington Post for my video channel on LinkedIn, focused on branding, marketing and entrepreneurship.

    Social media and digital marketing has been both my career and my passion for over 10+ years.

    I’ve been featured in everything from Forbes to Inc. Magazine to Fast Company and regularly speak and mentor brands, companies and entrepreneurs around the globe.

    I've also worked with some of my favorite brands in the business from tech (Microsoft) to entertainment (Legendary) to fashion/style (Venus Razors) and also love building personal brands for executives.

    I will help you create a Marketing Strategy that will win over customers, build brand recognition and be clearly actionable. NOTE: This package is only for STRATEGY not implementation. Contact me for more info on my custom implementation packages.



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    1. Marcos Langfield

      Yes! And I’ve also been called the Beyonce of LinkedIn, the Casey Neistat of LinkedIn, the Queen of LinkedIn and a few more fun names.

    1. Marcos Langfield

      All implementation of plans is NOT included in these marketing strategy sessions. Feel free to contact me directly to discuss a custom gig that suits your needs!

    1. Marcos Langfield

      Yes. And I love it. (Also, green is the color of growth, health and wealth – all of which we could use more of!)

    1. Marcos Langfield

      I’ve been told I have “ruthless focus” by Forbes – and for good reason. I never believe in delivering a sub-par product or work to a client and I’ve been working in this industry for 10+ years to rave reviews. I also run my own agency, Warm Robots, where we work with global B2B and B2C clients.

    1. Marcos Langfield

      It includes everything from market research, suitable social platforms to build/grow an audience on, ways to develop community, create brand awareness and actionable next-step items. Everything is custom created and you’re not getting a pre-written document!

    1. Marcos Langfield

      I’ve been carefully vetted by the Fiverr team (both my background, career history and current clients) to make sure that I can deliver the best possible product!

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