1. Wilber Shimko Answer

    I found that guy: I will manage and optimise your facebook ads and bring solid ROI



    Social Media Advertising is hard work. Social ads can open the top of your funnel, resulting in an increase in relevant leads and new valuable customers.  I make it easy for you by doing it all for you


    1 month of PPC service done for you in your Business Manager/Ad Account
    Pixel and Retargeting Setup
    Offline Conversion Measurement
    Social ROI Report
    Facebook Ad Expert Consultation
    Engaging campaigns
    Acquisition campaign
    Retargeting campaign 
    Pixel, Google Analytics set up of events
    Creatives matrix technology 
    GDS dashboard for reporting
    Monthly performance report
    Monitoring of your Brand and Brand Mentions
    All Creative done for you

    What we need from you:

    - Facebook page admin access
    - Credit card (For Ad Spend, to be paid by client)
    - Agree to a min spend of $1000/month on ads

    Setup Fee (Once Only) $700
    Management Fee Running of Ads (Monthly) $700
    Total for Month 1 is $1400
    Month 2 and ongoing is $700/month

    1. Wilber Shimko

      You will almost instantly start seeing clicks and views from your campaign.
      In terms of conversions, like all things with advertising it takes time to see best results.
      Typically most clients end up seeing a more steady stream of conversions during the 4-6 week period.

    1. Wilber Shimko

      We suggest running a campaign for a minimum of 4 weeks. We start off by doing baseline optimisation (ie target demographics, A/B testing etc.). As each week progresses, we continue to monitor the performance of your campaign.

    1. Wilber Shimko

      Ad spend is NOT included.

      – Commit to ad spend of $1000/month

      Ad spend will be charged directly from your credit card and are not included in our monthly fee.

    1. Wilber Shimko

      Yes. Get your offline conversion measured. We use your offline purchase data to integrate with social media Ads. Based on it we refine your audience Segments and build smart retargeting scenarios.

    1. Wilber Shimko

      Yes. Get custom content to engage your audience. We create bespoke rich media content to expand your reach across social media! PromoRepublic Content Studio focuses on Instagram Stories, Video & GIFs, Facebook Canvas and 360 view content.

    1. Wilber Shimko

      Ye. We will show, upsell and cross-sell your website visitors the products that they’ve viewed earlier. We create unique frameworks, which help customizing Ad Sets and getting the highest conversion rate.

    1. Wilber Shimko

      WE will deliver your ads to people who are more likely to take certain actions. We analyze your audience data to divide it into separate segments and create individual scripts for each of them.

    1. Wilber Shimko

      Facebook ads works for any business, size and budget. At the end of every month, you will receive a performance report detailing the results of your campaign. You can also measure via the leads and traffic received in your Google Analytics.

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