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    I found that guy: I will manage your social media content creation, posting, and ads ( $500 )

    Our social media packages include the complete management of your social networks. Most business owners are far too busy to have time for managing their own social media and especially do not have the knowledge or skill to do so effectively. We will manage the content creation, posting, ads, and ongoing monthly support. 

    Our package includes an initial phone consultation so we can better get to know each other and figure out how best we should proceed so we can reach our goals together. Our expertise is in the customer-facing niche. We are great at creating engaging and witty content that not only helps your ideal customer pay more attention to you - but also help you convert more of them into actual customers.

    Expertise in:
    • Facebook Remarketing - reach recent visitors to your website or specific web pages with ads.
    • Twitter search, content, and growth - We can monitor for mentions of your brand name or key buying indicators.
    • Twitter Ads - reach Twitter users based on their interests, interactions, and location.
    • Social Media Analyzation and Interpretation - With our largest package we include monthly reporting and an analyzation of our efforts and where we can improve.
    1. Vicente Salvitti

      No. We will not work with Adult Entertainment, Direct Response Male/Female Health Products, or any other item we recognize as potentially misleading or not aligned with our culture.

    1. Vicente Salvitti

      A business that deals directly with customers in person. We are great at creating strong relationships and helping companies show their personality and expertise.

    1. Vicente Salvitti

      No – we specialize in just social media marketing. We are experts in that field. Webwork is outside of our area of focus.

    1. Vicente Salvitti

      We believe social media is only effective when it is part of an integrated plan with as much employee buy-in and management buy-in as possible. We love helping companies become more relatable and see measurable results with their social media efforts.

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