1. Dominick Schutte Answer

    I found that guy: I will mix a single song ( $225 )

    Take your song to the next level with a professional mix. Mix engineer Rob Murray has 10+ years industry experience and has worked with artists ranging from first time independent artists to household names. He prides himself on bringing out the song in a mix, whether that means framing the vocal just right on a pop ballad, featuring the instrumental groove on a dance song, or capturing the sunny vibe on a summer jam. 

    All mix packages include the final mix as a stereo .wav file premaster.  Mixes will be sent as MP3s until the mix is approved. 

    Alt mixes, editing, hand tuning, and mastering are not included in the rate (except top tier) but are available a la carte as additional services. If your needs don't fit easily into the options available please reach out for a custom quote.

    Select Mix+Master Spotify playlist:

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