1. Edwardo Olivarres Answer

    I found that guy: I will mix and master your song to world class, radio ready quality ( $400 )

    I'm offering a world-class, radio-ready mix & master of your song. My goal is to always serve the artist, serve the song, & serve the music, & be certain that you're thrilled with the results. I'll make sure to deliver more than what you pay for, with amazing mixes that bring out your vision, & all the depth, energy, & emotion in the songs.

    What you get
    • Final mix - mastered
    • Final mix - not mastered
    • TV mix - no lead vocal
    • Instrumental mix - no vocals at all
    • Vocal only mix - can be used with instrumental to bring vocals up or down, or remove in certain sections.

    About Me
    I am a mix engineer, recording engineer, & producer with about 28 years of experience, and multi-platinum credits. I love working in several different genres of music, including rock, pop, country, RnB, soul, Americana, etc. Credits include The Indigo Girls, Jewel, Letters to Cleo, & many others.

    For more info & additional samples of my work, check out www.PlatinumMixer.com & this Spotify playlist:


    Please contact me. I'd love to discuss your project before you order!
    1. Edwardo Olivarres

      Just ask me. I’ll always be honest if I’m a good fit to work with you. I only want to work on projects where I believe I can really help the artist get the most out of their music.

    1. Edwardo Olivarres

      That’s why I allow up to 5 revisions. With good communication & references of other songs & artists that have the vibe & sound you’re going for, we can normally get a mix you absolutely love within a couple rounds of revisions. It’s quite rare to go over 3 revisions.

    1. Edwardo Olivarres

      Please send mono tracks as mono files, & stereo tracks as interleaved. In general, remove all plugins, unless the plugin is an inherent part of the sound. If you’re not sure about a track, send it both with and without plugins. Any virtual or MIDI instruments should be rendered to audio files.

    1. Edwardo Olivarres

      http://www.PlatinumMixer.com is my website. Browse the site to get more info, including credits, and click on “listen” to hear some of my work. I have about a dozen or so songs I’ve mixed and mastered posted there, along with a link to a Spotify playlist with more of my mixes at the bottom of that page.

    1. Edwardo Olivarres

      Probably not, as it’s usually a much quicker turn around time, but there are times when I get really busy. If you really need something back faster than 14 days, ask me, and I’ll let you know if I can make it happen!

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